Tuesday, May 10, 2011


FIVE FAST was way better than I expected it to be! Some of the stunts were over the top...well most of the stunts were over the top, but it was extremely entertaining. And yes, it did need all of those stunt coordinators I listed in my last post. I was happy to see them listed in the credits also. There was a train sequence, a car falling into a gorge sequence, a free running chase sequence - I saw on a talk show the actors were saying they did their own stunts. They always say that. They didn't say we did ALL of our own stunts. But the doubling was done extremely well. I was looking for it so I could see where the shifts were made, but overall the doubling was nearly invisible.

The car stunts and precision driving sequences were spectacular. I absolutely loved the vault being dragged through downtown Rio de Janeiro! Again, totally over the top and impossible but that's what movie magic is supposed to do! The vault was dragged behind 2 of the muscle cars and the drivers worked together to swing it like a giant flail and take out the entire corrupt police force!

I expected the story to be thin - but it really wasn't. It dealt with some of the universal themes that are really important - Look after your family, stick together and keep your word. Of course you get to do all of this while taking out the entire Brazilian mob and destroying millions of dollars worth of public property! HA! But what a great setting for an all out action picture. This is a 'must see' for action fans!

There is definitely going to be a Fast 6!

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