Sunday, May 15, 2011

Isn't That Thing Sharp?

Why do people grab the blade during a sword fight? Isn't it supposed to be sharp? If you need a comparison - go into your kitchen and pull a large knife out of the butcher block. Now wrap on hand around the handle and the other around the end of the blade - yes, the sharp part. Now hold that blade in a parry 5 position over your head while someone hits the middle of the knife with broom handle. Hard.

Anything happen? I haven't tried this myself, nor do I plan to so I don't know. My point is that when you grab a blade with a bare hand during a sword fight, you destroy the illusion that there is any danger. Grabbing your opponent's blade is a last ditch effort - and not something just to be thrown in because it's cool. There are consequences to grabbing the blade during a fight so be prepared to play them out.

Battle on!

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