Sunday, June 26, 2011

FIGHT CLASS The Series Episode 2 Game of Thrones posts TONIGHT!

What an incredible week! Spent lots of time editing the Fight Class The Series episode.

Watched the first episode of Season 2 for Vampire Mob!! Awesomeness! Check it out:

I attended a Stunt Burn seminar on Thursday and got to light my finger on fire - that was so cool!

I got a day job for the next few weeks - so I can continue to support my filmmaking obsession! WOOT! And I got to chat with some friends I haven't seen in months! Just fabulous!

FIGHT CLASS The Series goes live tonight!! Episode 2 - Game of Thrones!! Don't miss it!

Battle on!

Sunday, June 5, 2011


WOW! We launched the series a week ago and we have about 1000 views! I so didn't expect that and it's wonderful. Thanks so much to everyone who has been watching. We shoot the next episode on 6/15 and it is going to be awesome!

Thanks again!