Sunday, October 23, 2011

Fights on Film Seminars

Jan Bryant, Dan Speaker and I have put together a really informative, exciting and entertaining seminar on the Basic Techniques for Filming Action. During the seminar we discuss the idea that Action must be an integral part of your Script and must tell part of your Story.

Then we demonstrate safety in hand-to-hand fighting, bladed weaponry and gun handling.

After that, we hook up a camera and actually shoot 3 different scenes explaining camera angles and the techniques you can use to make your action sequences look violent and nasty without endangering anyone in your cast or crew.

We have done this seminar for the USC Film School and the Alliance of Women Directors in Los Angeles. We will be taking this seminar to colleges and film schools across the country. If you are associated with a film school or college that would like us to spend a few days with them to share how fun, challenging and safe their action scenes can be, just let me know!

"I really want to thank you for your attention to detail, and the thoughtful way you organized the presentation.  It was lovely seeing everybody projected on the big screen.  I thought that worked really well and everybody said what helpful information in general you provided them." - Jennifer Warren - USC School of Cinematic Arts

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