Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Happy New Year! I just looked on here and saw that I haven't written in months. This is a good thing because it means that we have been busy! It's a bad thing because I haven't been sharing what we have been doing. So it's time to catch up.

Tales from home - I live on half an acre of land in a suburb just north of Los Angeles. On that half acre is a house, a barn, a small building for hay and a small building for horse tack. We have one horse, his name is Catfish. We also have 4-5 outdoor cats that we feed daily. Then we have the next door neighbors. They have a few yappy poodles, a couple of roosters and several hens, and 2 goats. The roosters and hens hang out on our yard and our barn all the time. They poop everywhere but they eat the bugs so they are okay. Our biggest laugh with them over the last few days is that one of the hens has decided to lay one egg in our hay barn a day, and another hen has started laying an egg in Catfish's stall...Catfish doesn't seem to mind that the hen is sharing his stall. This morning while mucking out the horse stall, I got to witness the hen come into the stall and settle into a corner. I left and came back a while later - and there was another egg. We have not told our neighbors how we are benefiting from the fact they refuse to pen up their animals. The eggs are delicious!!

Then there are the goats. There are 2 of them and they are each about the size of a medium sized dog. They are usually penned up in the back half of our neighbor's property, but they have found a way out of their little paddock and into the pool area of our neighbor's backyard. In the pool area there are some decorative rocks that the goats can climb on - and then jump over the wall into our backyard. So now and then we will be watching TV and start to hear a goat bleating at the back door. So we build a ramp over the wall and send him home. Yesterday both goats got into our backyard while we were away from home. Our neighbor on the other side of our property saw the goats and, being an accomplished cowboy, came over and roped one of the goats and lifted him over the wall. The other goat is much younger and was able to slip the rope so the cowboy constructed a ramp and the goat went home.

We spoke to the neighbors last night and they think they will be selling the goats. Which I hope they do before the goats try something like using my car as a jumping ramp...never a dull moment here.

Oh, we are also doing the fight and weapons choreography for a short WWII film, we are designing a fight system for a video game, shooting a book trailer for the romance novel LOVE OF A STRANGER and training people like crazy at Fight Class at the Academy of Theatrical Combat.

The first 2 weeks of 2012 have been awesome and extraordinary - and I feel the entire year is going to be like this! Huzzah!

May we all continue to live in exciting times!

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