Thursday, January 23, 2014


I am just going to dive right in here. I am starting a new project and the more work I do on it, the more I realize it's going to be a massive endeavor! HA! I guess it's just time.


Produced by: A Company Yet to be Created

Created by: Kim Turney and Patty Jean Robinson

Release Date: Fall 2014

What is Pike and Trident? It will be a 10 episode web series that will have Time Travel, Characters out of history like you have never seen them before, tons of action and the hysterical antics of Pike and Trident.

What am I doing about it today? I am writing a blog! YAY!

I am also doing tons of research. This is going to be a SAG-AFTRA production because all my actors, who are all my friends and students are SAG-AFTRA members. They are an amazingly talented group. But doing a production as a SAG-AFTRA signatory requires a lot of up front work. If you want to produce a SAG-AFTRA production using the New Media Contract, you can find lots of info here:

I am also researching locations. I want to find studios that have standing sets, meaning the studio space is decorated and furnished appropriately for the time periods we are going for. Fortunately we are shooting in Los Angeles so there are plenty of studios to choose from. I am open to any suggested anyone might have!!terms

We need to learn about getting Film Insurance, Permits, how to work with FilmLA to get the permits, Equipment Rental, Catering and so much more fun stuff. But it is all stuff I have done before - just never all at once. There are great websites with all the info you need to do this now.

Oh, and then there is getting the money for the budget I have set! That's a whole other bag of candy! Can you say, INDIEGOGO? RAWR!

So I hope you will follow my blog as I share the antics, hoops and pitfalls of creating an internet project from scratch.

Coming soon: Pike and Trident on FACEBOOK and TWITTER. I will be keeping you posted!!

In the meantime, "Do as the Romans do."

Battle on!

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