Friday, January 24, 2014

Day 2

I started the day checking out pictures on Pinterest. What a great place to go to get inspiration and information on history, fashion and who's who.

You can join Patty Jean Robinson and I on our Pinterest board:

We are having a lot of fun with it!!

Then I had to take care of real world stuff. Specifically, getting Livescanned so I can teach Theatrical Combat to some awesome students at Learn Beyond the Book School in Santa Clarita, CA.

There was a gentleman in the Livescan office who had just finished having his livescan done and he looked at Jan Bryant and I and said, "I don't mean to be nosy, but why do YOU ladies need to get livescanned?" HA! We just smiled at him and said, "So we can teach at a school." It just made me wonder a bit why HE was getting a livescan...things that make you go hmmm....

Then it was off to It's a Wrap in Burbank to check out clothes. It's a Wrap is a used clothing store that sells clothing that has been used in Television Shows!! It's so fun. There were clothes from Castle, Desperate Housewives, Mission Impossible and so many more.

Of course there were a  lot of items that were size 1, but I just put those back on the rack.

And It's a Wrap  had a 50% off on all clothing today! Absolute Huzzah! Jan and I realized that it was our destiny to go there today. We were also joined by the Costume Designer for Pike and Trident, the extremely talented Olivia Schlueter-Corey. You will learn a lot about her in the coming months!

Olivia is also an amazing Theatrical Combat Swordswoman!! Check out some pictures of her doing a Light Sabre fight in Patty Jean Robinson's Facebook album:

I was able to find a shirt that might possibly, maybe, if we go that direction with my character in the webseries, be useable for Pike and Trident!

So I considered it a successful day of shopping - since shopping for clothes is not something I excel at or enjoy. But it was a total victory today!

If you get to Burbank and want to check out It's a Wrap, here is their website with their locations and contact info.  They also have an online store!

That's the update for today!

Battle on!

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