Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Pike and Trident: Chrononauts

Day 3

A little research in the morning. Reviewed a couple episode scripts. Then I partied with my cast and crew(Fight Class) at Bobby Burns night at the Buchanan Arms in Burbank. It's an annual blast where the hagis must be tasted! And we were all entertained by The Ploughboys and, of course, Dan Speaker on the Bagpipes!!

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 Me, Jan Bryant and Dan Speaker at the Bobby Burns Supper, 2014.


Day 4 

Did some more research this morning. This time on pop culture Time Travel and what people are saying about. Just looking at pictures for now, but I have heard that time travel is possible so I will be checking that out!!

Hopefully I will find some cool articles to share with you soon!


Day 5 

Had only a small amount of time for Pike and Trident research. Today I taught my first Theatrical Combat class to some middle school age kids. I was an absolute blast!! I love when they ask questions like, "Will we be able to knee and kick people?" and I say, "Yes and they won't feel it at all!"

The students loved it when I showed them how gripping their cutlass was the same grip they use on their game controller!

Time Travel

 Check out this article on Time Travel by Jon J. Thaler. It was last updated in 1994 and I am sure there have been a slew of new theories since then. But this is a great article to start us out here.

Battle on!

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