Sunday, February 16, 2014

Pike and Trident Pre-Production Log Continues...

Day 17 - 2/9/14

Spent most of the day on the Internet spreading the word of Pike and Trident. The Pike and Trident Facebook page has 170 Likes and The Twitter has 46 followers! Day by day our audience is growing!!

Day 18  - 2/10/14

Real life barged right in and took over the day. Patty Jean Robinson, Jan Bryant and I  did take an awesome and challenging hike through the mountains. A great way to stay in shape!

Day 19 - 2/11/14

The Pike and Trident Facebook page has over 180 likes already! Awesome!

Day 20 - 2/12/14

House chores wait for no web series project and still must be done! So much for today.

Day 21 - 2/13/14

Started teaching Theatrical Combat to High School Students at the Archer School for Girls. I have been doing this set of workshops with Archer for around 10 years now. It's always a blast.

Skipped Fight Class, but did some online work for the web series.

Day 22 - 2/14/14

Happy Valentine's Day! Today Patty and I made some excellent headway on the Pike and Trident project. We started the morning by doing some online work.

The Pike and Trident Facebook page is up to 227 likes!! We have found that we get the biggest response to when we introduce our cast members on the page.

@pikeandtrident has 67 followers and gaining more all the time.

I am also sharing information about Pike and Trident on appropriate groups on Linked In.

Then we did a prelim costume experiment with me for the character Pike. And some of it came out okay. I definitely need to accessorize more to accomplish even close to a true steam punk feel.

Patty Jean works on her costume next time!!

Then we were off on a location scout to Leo Carrillo Beach. This is an awesome location used in a ton of film and it is gorgeous. I haven't looked into permits for this location, but I hope we have a chance to use it in the Web series.

All in all, an excellent day!

Day 23 - 2/15/14

Spent the day yesterday at the Queen Mary and the ScotsFestival! A great day to step away from the computer and watch some really strong people in kilts hurling things around. It was impressive!

It was also Patty Jean Robinson's first trip to the Queen Mary! We were accompanied by two great Pike and Trident supporters - Trina Mock and Lauren Hattaway! A super time was had by all.

Unfortunately I experienced the first Pike and Trident MARKETING FAIL! - I was supposed to have business cards to pass out at the festival, but didn't get them done. They will be done today so that we don't miss any more opportunities to get the word out about the series.

Until next time - BATTLE ON!!

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