Sunday, February 2, 2014

Day 6 - 1/29/14

More research but mostly Real Life intervenes.

Day 7 - 1/30/14

Okay, Real Life ruled the day completely -

Until Fight Class when I got to help Patty Jean Robinson pass her Advanced Cutlass Fight with flying colors!! Video to come soon.

Dan Speaker also worked with some of us to choreograph a short Bar Room Brawl! I think prepping for the action of Pike and Trident is my favorite part of the process!! RAWR!

Day 8 - 1/31/14

Patty and I sharpened our on set skills spending the day as PA's for The Media Barons Creative Services team, lead by Sean Heckman and Jason Medbury. These guys can do anything and it's always a pleasure getting to work for them.

Check out their website:

The location was a huge ranch north of Santa Clarita, California, right next to Western Landscapes Nursery. It doesn't have a name like most movie ranches, but they had a standing set that worked perfectly for this project.

With crew and cast there were about 25 people on set. Usually when you are on location there are no restroom facilities and you have to bring them in. To cover that, the Media Barons brought in a really nice RV from Cruise America RV. This also provided space for the admin PA to get the paperwork taken care of for the day and some place for the actors to go to get warm.

Check out

6935 Foothill Blvd, Tujunga, CA

I also learned about a fantastic Catering Company. It's called:

24Hr Production Catering

They handled both Craft Services and Lunch for the cast and crew. The food was absolutely delicious! I have no idea what their rates are but they were perfect for this size production.

All in all it was an awesome day of work!!

Day 9 - 2/1/14

That incredible Patty Jean Robinson and I got together to plow through some of the episode scripts and we had a phone meeting with our guest screenwriter, Brian Luce!! Of course, we spent most of the meeting cracking each other up! HUZZAH!

Some things we are starting to think about are creating our Indiegogo campaign video and checking out some of the locations we want to use for different episodes. I will be keeping you posted on all of our adventures!

Battle On!


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