Sunday, February 9, 2014

Pike and Trident Pre-Production Log

Day 10 - 2/2/14

I have no idea where this day went...something about a Super Bowl and a Puppy and Clydesdale commercial...I don't know.

Day 11 - 2/3/14

A successful day of slogging through the Pike and Trident scripts. Lots of fine tuning of words and saying, "But I wanted to say that line!!" But much work was finished.

Patty and I took a break to run out and teach young minds about digital media. Always an adventure!

Then back at it in the evening working up Perk structures for our Indiegogo Campaign. The campaign set to begin March 1st!! SO MUCH TO DO! But it seems we accomplish everything on this project with tons of laughter and serious silliness to the point where I actually think it is improving our health! HA!

More soon!

Day 12- 2/4/14

The Pike and Trident Facebook Page is live!!! Please stop by and like our page!!

Also, we are going to be needing some armor for this production. I know the perfect supplier, my friend Brian Bero! Check out some of his armor inventory. It's awesome!!


Day 13 - 2/5/14

Worked on getting likes for the Pike and Trident facebook page! 65 likes in a day, not bad. Have to keep it going. We did some research on other campaigns and saw a British web series that had 6000 fans before they started their Indiegogo. We have 3 weeks before we start our campaign so there a lot of work to do. But it's all fun work! And it's always great meeting new people on the internet.

I joined a group interested in the Steampunk culture today. They are awesome and their members are really active in posting their projects and pictures of their adventures on the page. A great resource for us!

Day 14 - 2/6/14

Lost this day somewhere. There was a rare thing called rain happening...

Day 15 - 2/7/14

The Pike and Trident script is registered with the Writer's Guild of America.  The reason for doing this is to prove that you created a certain document at a certain time on a certain day, in case another series shows up that is a lot like your. The fee is $20 for a non- guild member. Here's the website, check it out there is a ton of info on here.

This registration won't hold up in court, however. But it is a form of proof of creation. We will actually copyright the shooting script with the Library of Congress. Here is that website:

Patty and I are also hustling to get people to check out our Facebook Page and Twitter. We need to build an audience quickly so we have someone to help us when the Indiegogo launches.

We created the Pike and Trident YOUTUBE Channel today.

Day 16 - 2/8/14

Spent the morning on the Internet trying to get more likes for the Facebook Page. We are slowly but surely building an audience for Pike and Trident.

The FIGHT CLASS gang came over to the house in the afternoon and we had a garage cleaning party. My garage is where more of the prop and set storage for Pike and Trident will be happening so we had to make some room. We also identified props that we already have and set them aside for May. 

We were able to finish up our casting and try a few costume pieces during the day. I am continuously amazed and grateful that this creative process seems to be weaving itself in and around all the normal everyday stuff I have to do. I am fortunate to live in an environment that allows this to  happen.

Next week: Kim and Patty do location scouting, more fight training, prepping for photo shoot, more fight training, Start creating videos for the Indiegogo campaign, continue to spread the word on the Internet about our fantastic project and last but not least - MORE FIGHT TRAINING!!

Here are some of the amazing people I get to work with on this project!

Meet Jan Bryant! She is the Stunt Coordinator, Fight Choreographer and Co-Director of Pike and Trident! Jan was a sword master and fight choreographer on such films as Master and Commander, Hook and Army of Darkness! Learn more about Jan at!

Please meet Anne Westcott! A fabulous actress and a phenomenal Swords Woman! She will be playing the role of Pike and Trident's Boss, Dr. Narsil, head Curator of the Museum of Now and Then. Anne is currently participating in a 50 Hour Play competition! Talk about needing stamina!!

Until we chat again - BATTLE ON!!

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