Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Pre-Production Highlights from Pike and Trident!


Day 24 - 2/16/14

We hit 260 Likes on the FB page. Wrote the first draft of an email that will go out to our Ambassadors this week. The ambassadors for our Indigogo campaign are the people that have supported us from day 1 of this project and are willing to help us by sharing info about the campaign through their own networks. They are extremely important to a campaign.

For more info on crowdfunding - check out this article:

11 tips on how to achieve success with your crowdfunding project


Day 25 - 2/17/14

Patty Jean and I continued working on the letter that will go out to prospective Ambassadors for the Indigogo campaign. We sent a draft off to our crowdfunding consultant who is helping us put this all together.

We also spent some time having Patty play dress up. We got some excellent shots of her in a piraty steampunky type of look.

We also played around with emulating one of our favorite photos to share with our friends.

Plus the FB page hit 273! An awesome day.!!

Day 26 - 2/18/14

Had to teach two classes today and then had Fight Class in the Evening. At Fight Class - Patty Jean and I took a time out to create a recruiting video for the Pike and Trident Indiegogo campaign STREET TEAM (ambassadors). That was a hoot!! See it here:

Day 27 - 2/19/14

We passed 300 Likes on the Pike and Trident Facebook page overnight! Awesome!! Today I did some work on the Internet to keep spreading the news of our show.

I also called SAG-AFTRA to ask them if it was alright to Taft Hartley myself eventhough I was producing the project - they asked if there was another producer on the project? I said yes. They said it should be no problem then! HUZZAH!

Tomorrow we are off to the county registrar to register our business - Makers of Mischief Productions!

Day 28 - 2/20/14

Patty Jean and I went to the Los Angeles County Registrar's Office and Registered our Fictitiuo Business Name so we can now legally do business as Makers of Mischief Productions. HUZZAH!

The process is quite simple. Here is the website to go to for the forms to register a business in California: then click on  
Click here for 2014 Information and Forms

Next week we head to the bank to open our business account! Step by step is it happening.

We have 338 Likes on the Facebook page today AND we are starting to get our Street Team Geared up to spread the word of the campaign that is launching on March 1!  

Day 29 - 2/21/14

Signed up with Indiegogo and began filling in the information for the Campaign! There's really a lot to do in this last week. I am trying to STAY CALM AND CARRY ON!

Day 30 - 2/22/14

Spent most of the day with Patty Jean working on the Indiegogo campaign and scripting the Campaign Video. An interesting challenge. We watched other campaign videos and each one is completely different. We are going to be asking for a lot of money so we need to be clear and transparent, yet enthusiastic.  We will have everything ready by Friday for a Friday midnight launch!!

We have 379 Likes on Facebook, and 100 Followers on Twitter and the invites have all gone out for the Pike and Trident Launch Party on March 1st.


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