Sunday, March 2, 2014

Countdown to the Pike and Trident Indiegogo Campaign Launch!!

Day 31 - 2/23/14

6 DAYS to Launch!

It's Sunday. We continue to spread the word over the internet. The Facebook page now has 420 Likes! We're doing it!!

Day 32 - 2/24/14

5 DAYS to Launch! 

We finished the script for the promo video. We are scheduled to shoot Thursday morning. Its supposed to rain so we will probably need to borrow some lights, since the house gets so dark when their is rain...Which is actually really rare.

I worked at filling in information on our Indiegogo campaign pages - but they are very strict about the order the you do things in and have many characters you can use in certain sections.

My advice if you start a campaign, write everything out before you start to fill in the campaign pages and have a few copies of it. If you hit a save button and there is a single mistake on the section you are saving - EVERYTHING YOU HAVE ENTERED WILL BE DELETED.

Sad but true!

Day 33 - 2/25/14

4 DAYS to Launch! 

We shot some action sequences at Fight Class for inserts into the Campaign Video. We had such a great time. Everyone got involved and we were able to get some great footage.

Day 34 - 2/26/14 

3 DAYS to Launch!

Day 35 - 2/27/14

Patty Jean, Myself, Eric Hunter, Jan Bryant and Dan Speaker spent the morning shooting Patty Jean's and my segments for our Pike and Trident Indiegogo Campaign.

2 DAYS to Launch!

Day 35 - 2/28/14

1 DAY to Launch!
We have 509 likes on our Facebook page!!
Editing day!! Everything else is a bit of a blur, but the video was 95% complete before I crashed for the night.

Day 36 - 3/1/14

The Big DAY!!! 

Patty Jean and I completed the video edit in the morning then head for her house to get ready for the launch party.

The Indiegogo Pike and Trident campaign page went live about 5:30 PM, PST.

We had $900 in donations by the end of the evening. What a rush! We are keeping strict track of our donors and making sure that we update everyone as we go along. So now all we need to do it KEEP AT IT!!

I get to punch Patty every time we add $500 to our total raised!! This was punch #1!


Pike and Trident Indiegogo Campaign


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