Sunday, March 30, 2014

Pike and Trident Update...FINALLY!

Okay, so the last post was on March 5 and today is March 30. Where did the month go? HA!

The Indiegogo Campaign
 We are very excited to announce that Pike and Trident is at $2157, which is enough to do our first Episode - The Viking Episode!! RAWR!!

Check out the Pike and Trident Campaign Update video :

There are still 22 days left in the campaign so head on over there and pick up a perk or share it with your friends so they can pick up a perk and you get to see more awesome episodes. Any contribution amount is truly appreciated and we promise it will be worth your while!!

Marketing on LinkedIn
So, today, I have been Marketing the campaign using Linked in. I have over 700 connections on there and was a member of 34 groups. I posted a Campaign update to all my connections and to all the groups I was a member of. Then I joined more relevant groups to bring my group total up to 50, which is the limit. This week I will work to become active in these new group and then post another update in a week or so.

We have been trying to get our name out there on social media - but the big thing that happened to Patty and I is that we exhausted ourselves.


If you get tired every website becomes a blur and your positive attitude wanes a bit, which should not happen. Patty Jean and I are great at boosting each others spirits when we start get fatigued about everything!

Pike and Trident Interviews Online
Last week Patty Jean and I did an interview with Brett DaSilva from
 It's a great site  - check it out when you have a chance. And Brett is an awesome guy!! We had a blast in the interview.

Tomorrow we have 2 more interviews lined up. The first is for with our great friend Steven Alloway! Woot! Can't wait.

Then we have an interview with Michael Brown from
That will be a skype interview since he is on the east coast! HUZZAH! I LOVE TECHNOLOGY!

Fight Class
YESTERDAY, Patty Jean, Jan Bryant and the gang from the Academy of Theatrical Combat Fight Class Did a group audition for a commercial. That was so much fun. It is always awesome when work means you get to hang out with your friends and play!!

Pike and Trident on Facebook
Please check out our Facebook Page. I added a YouTube tab and a Twitter tab to the page so you can follow Pike and Trident across the networks from one place. It's totally cool and very easy to do. I watched this video and it will tell you how:

Our Facebook likes are up to 604. Our Legion Keeps Growing! It's very exciting!! Please stop by and click that Like button if you haven't done it yet.

So that's it for this week. I will stay on top of this more and keep you posted on all the wonderful activities we are undertaking to get the word out on PIKE AND TRIDENT!!

Don't forget to check out the campaign page:

Pike and Trident Indiegogo Campaign

Until next time - BATTLE ON!!

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