Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Pike and Trident Indiegogo Campaign is LIVE!! What Happens Now?

Our Series Logo created by Garrett Schultz at Demure Creative!

Day 37 - 3/2/14 - Sunday

Recovering from launching the web series and the Launch party. We are already at $1250. So very exciting! Need to shoot a video of me punching Patty Jean and her stabbing me with a sword! So fun.

Day 38 - 3/3/14 - Monday

Took a field trip to CLOCKWORK COUTURE in Burbank CA!!

Came home and brainstormed about new ideas to build awareness of the campaign, including different types of tweets and a "Wish you were here!" Postcard campaign.

Day 39 - 3/4/14 - Tuesday

We broke $1500!! Punch #3 successful shot at Fight Class and posted.

  Day 40 - 3/5/14 - Wednesday

Absolutely no movement on the Campaign until 6:45 PM when a $100 contribution came in! HUZZAH!

Day 41 - 3/6/14 - Thursday

Real life day.

Day 42 - 3/7/14 - Friday 

Real life day. I shot the final fight scene with my combat students at Archer School for Girls. They did an awesome job! Then spent the afternoon running some auditions for The Media Barons at a casting studio in Hollywood. FUN!

Day 43 - 3/8/14 - Saturday

We are at $1930! We still have a long way to go but we at least we have started!

I worked on some business cards:

Until the next update - BATTLE ON!

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